As my next book signing approaches, I am offering pre-orders for attendees who would like to ensure that they get their copies. There are TWO options for pre-ordering. PLEASE PICK ONLY ONE FOR YOUR ENTIRE ORDER.

For PRE-PAID PRE-ORDERS, visit my special signing-only online store. You will be able to pre-pay for your order using any major credit or debit card. YOU MUST PUT THE NAME OF THE EVENT YOU ARE ATTENDING in the “Notes to seller” box when you check out. Your order will be held for you during the event. If you have not claimed your book by the end of the signing, you will receive a refund to your original payment method within sixty (60) days.

Pre-Pay Now

- OR -

For PAY-ON-SITE PRE-ORDERS, fill out this form. You can then pay for your order at the signing, using cash or any major credit or debit card. Approximately two weeks before the event, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your attendance. YOU MUST RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL OR YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE HELD. Once your response is recorded, your order will be held until thirty (30) minutes before the end of the signing. At that point, any unclaimed PAY-ON-SITE PREORDERS may be sold to other attendees.

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** ALL pre-orders get a FREE exclusive tote bag with their purchase! **



How long do I have to pre-order books?

To ensure fulfillment, pre-orders will close approximately ONE MONTH before the event. I will post announcements on social media and via my mailing list before this occurs. This is due to the lengthy production and shipping time associated with print-on-demand books.

Should I pre-pay, or pay on site?

That’s completely up to you. One option is not necessarily better than the other. Pre-paying ensures your order will be held for the entirety of the event, while pay-on-site allows you to pay for your order in cash. Please make sure to read the descriptions above carefully, and follow all instructions on the form / storefront.

What payment methods will be accepted for the PAY-ON-SITE orders?

I plan to accept all major credit/debit cards through Square, and cash. Due to technical difficulties, it is always possible that credit card sales will be unavailable at some point during the event, and not all signing authors may be equipped to take them. It is always a good idea to bring cash, just in case.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to accept personal checks, traveler's checks, money orders, or non-U.S. currency. Also, it may be difficult for many signing authors to make change for large bills, so please keep that in mind when you hit the ATM.

I used the PRE-PAID store, do I need to fill out the PAY-ON-SITE form? / I used the PAY-ON-SITE form, do I need to also place my order in the PRE-PAID store?

Please use only ONE method to place your order. Using both methods will create duplicate orders. If you have accidentally created a duplicate order, please contact me as soon as possible, with the following information:

- The email address you used to place the order

- Your full name

- Which method you would like to use for your order (PRE-PAID or PAY-ON-SITE)

Can I pre-pay for some books, and pay on site for others?

Please choose just ONE payment option for your entire order. If it’s not feasible for you to pre-pay for your entire order, simply place your order via the pay-on-site form. 

I won’t be at the event, can I buy them at these prices and have them shipped to me?

Sadly, no. By purchasing the books myself, I’m able to offer them at a discount for those who attend events. Since attendees often deal with significant expenses for travel and accommodation, I work very hard to keep the prices low. I’m not equipped to handle shipping and distribution for my books on a regular basis, and these prices would not cover the overhead necessary to implement those things. Thank you for understanding! 

I made a mistake on my order / I’m not sure if my order went through / HELP!

Please contact me as soon as possible, with the following information:

- The email address you used to place the order

- Your full name

- Whether you are a PRE-PAID or PAY-ON-SITE customer

- Specifically what you need changed about the order

Can I pick up books at the location listed on the PRE-PAID online storefront?

No. Books are only available to be picked up at specific events.

The PRE-PAID online storefront says you are “closed,” can I still place an order?

Yes. I’m required to put “hours of operation” in order to set up my profile with Square, but they are not applicable for these purposes. You may place an order at any time, but you will only be able to pick it up at the specified event.

Can I purchase or reserve something that is not listed on the form / in the store?

Unfortunately, due to time and space constraints, the listed inventory is all I will be able to offer. However, I will be more than happy to sign anything that you might bring to the event with you. Thanks for understanding!

How do you determine the prices for the items?

The list price for each item is the lowest dollar amount that allows me to cover printing and shipping costs.