From time to time, you might have the opportunity to rub elbows with me at events! This calendar shows all upcoming events I plan to attend. Reader events and book signings are labelled as such, while industry events are open to writing and publishing professionals only. Hope to see you soon!


Will you have books for sale?

Yes, I will have a VERY limited number and selection of books available to buy at the signing. If possible, please buy any book(s) you want signed ahead of time and bring them to the event - I can’t guarantee how long my stock will last! 

Just in case I run out of books, I will also have cover flats to sign for no charge. There will also be some swag available for sale/signing.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I will be able to accept cash, checks, and any major credit cards (barring technical difficulties). However, I can’t speak for the other authors, so bringing cash to these events if you plan to purchase books or swag is always best! 

Will you sign books and swag that I bring myself?

Of course! Please don’t bring like, fifty things though. My hand is gonna get tired.

I have questions about the signing/the event in general/et cetera, et cetera.

Please visit the event website for more information. You will be able to find links to most of them at my events calendar.