Manuscript Critique

My standard rate for this service is $20 per 5k words. I am not a professional editor or proofreader. However, I am a multi-week NYT, USAT and WSJ bestselling romance novelist and lifelong reader. The service that I offer isn’t traditional line editing or proofreading; instead, I call it a manuscript critique. This includes an overview of any grammar issues and typos that I notice, but it is focused on a more holistic review of the entire manuscript. I will give recommendations on plotting, characterization, and style. I typically work in MSWord Track Changes with sidebar comments. 

I will need to review a representative sample of the work before committing to the entire project. Please ensure you have run a comprehensive automated English spelling and grammar check on the entire MS, and corrected any issues, so that my time can be used most efficiently. 

Please contact me for availability and more information.


My standard minimum rate for a basic bullet-point outline is $60. For a custom rate, I can write to more detail, up to and including an entire phrase outline. Specific rates are also dependent on how many plot details you have already developed on your own. Please contact me for additional information.


My standard rate, writing to a basic outline, is 4.8c/word. This is for a standard work-for-hire project, meaning you retain all rights to the work and will not need to credit me or pay any future royalties. Please contact me for more details if you are interested in this service.

Graphic Design

I will do basic cover design for $50-100, depending on the complexity of the image and the number of layers and amount of editing required. I can also design teasers, ads, etc. Please contact me for a custom quote.